CADDManager on February 4th, 2005

Just how much do you know about your software?

How much do you use of the overall software tools available in your package?

Most of the firms I have come in contact with will admit that the users in their offices do not use all of the power that the software provides. They would also admit that they struggle with old habits that were developed many releases back. Do you find this to be true?

Part of our jobs as CAD Managers is to get people to realize what is in the products and get them trained and then get them to use a fuller expression of the bandwidth in modern products. Think thru how you are using the tools. Are you stuck in an old rut? Many of your users are also. Gently show them the newest tools and urge them to move ahead.

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One Response to “You would be surprised…”

  1. “Part of our jobs as CAD Managers is to get people to realize … “

    Only true if that’s what the company wants the Cad Manager to do. But in a lot of cases the company just want someone to just fix whatever comes up…

    Also, a lot of Companies don’t want to pay for full time Cad Manager and what they really ended up getting is a so so cad support person…

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